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Casablanca Steel Band*, Brute Force Steel Band*, Virgin Island Steel Band - Music From Oil Drums

Label: Paragon - LP611 • Format: Vinyl LP • Country: US • Genre: Folk, World, & Country • Style: Steel Band, Calypso
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Steelpans also known as steel drums or pansand sometimes, Casablanca Steel Band* with other musicians, as a steel band or orchestra is a musical instrument originating from Trinidad and Tobago. Steel pan musicians are called pannists.

The modern pan is a chromatically pitched percussion instrument made from 55 gallon industrial drums that formerly contained chemicals. Drum refers to the steel drum containers from which the pans are made; the steel drum is more correctly called a steel pan or pan as it falls into the idiophone family of instruments, and so is not a drum which is a membranophone.

Steel pans are the only instruments made to play in the Pythagorean musical cycle of fourths and fifths. The pan is struck using a pair of straight Get Crunk - Lil Flip - Undaground Legend tipped with rubber; the size and type of rubber tip varies according to the class of pan being played.

Some musicians use four pansticks, holding two in each hand. French planters and their slaves immigrated to Trinidad during the French Revolution from Martiniqueincluding a number of West Africans, and French creoles from Saint VincentGrenadaSaint Lucia and Dominicaestablishing a local community before Trinidad and Tobago were taken from Spain by the British.

The celebration of carnivale had arrived with the French. Slaves, who could not take part in carnival, formed their own parallel celebration called canboulay. Stick-fighting and African percussion music were banned inin response to the Canboulay Riots. They were replaced by bamboo sticks beaten together, which were themselves banned in turn.

In they reappeared in Laventilletransformed as an orchestra of frying pansdustbin lids, and oil drums. These steelpans are now a major part of the Trinidadian music scene and are a popular section of the Canboulay music contests.

Inthe United States Navy arrived on Trinidad. The pannists, who were associated with lawlessness and violence, [ citation needed ] helped to popularize steelpan music among the soldiers, which began its international popularization. It was not seen as an appropriate activity for women. At the time of the steel pan's popularity in Trinidad it was seen as being associated with a violent or derelict crowd. It was unacceptable for women to be involved in such activities.

Culturally the stigma was focused on the idea that women belonged in the home or with the children and not out in the street with the Brute Force Steel Band* players. As the instrument became more mainstream women were allowed to join and the stigma that went along with playing the instrument subsided. The first instruments developed in the evolution of steelpan were Tamboo-Bamboos, tunable sticks Casablanca Steel Band* of bamboo wood.

These were hit onto the ground and with other sticks in order to produce sound. By the mids, bits of metal percussion were being used in the tamboo bamboo bands, the first probably being either the automobile brake hub "iron" or the biscuit drum "boom". The former replaced the gin bottle-and-spoon, Casablanca Steel Band* the latter the "bass" bamboo that was pounded on the ground. By the late s their occasional all-steel bands were seen at carnival, and by it had become the preferred carnival accompaniment of young underprivileged men.

They were featured on an album with him. Anthony Williams designed the "fourths and fifths" arrangement of notes, known as the cycle of fifths. This has become the standard form of note placement for lead pans. Other important developments include the tuning of harmonic overtones in individual notes, developed simultaneously and independently by Bertie Marshall and Alan Gervais.

Much of this project took place in Sweden in collaboration with the Saab Company. Although Marys Little Boy Child - Glee Cast - Glee: The Music: The Christmas Album Volume 4 results were promising, the project has been abandoned due to lack of finances and support by local pan tuners in Trinidad. The pan was spun on a lathe -like device, and a roller on the end of a bar was used to sink the pan.

While this did create pre-sunk pans, a problem was that there would often be scratches and grooves in the steel. Since the steel is stretched and thin, any scratch will expand and often Brute Force Steel Band*. Usually, drums have lettering embossed into the bottom.

If done carefully, these can sometimes be stretched without breaking, but cracks around lettering on some drums is common. Brazing over the holes and grinding, will often fix the problems, without damaging the sound, but it has to be done nearly at the end of the sinking process and well before any final shaping.

A Swiss steel pan manufacturer PANArt researched the field of fine-grain sheet steel and developed a deep-drawn raw form which was additionally hardened by nitriding. This process, and the new Lost Little Robot - Beborn Beton - Concrete Ground they called pangwere presented at the International Conference of Steel pan and Science in Port-of-Spain in Electronic steel pans have also been developed.

One such version is the E-Pan, [7] invented by Salmon Cupid, who holds utility patents for it. Steelpans are built using sheet metal with a thickness between 0. Historically, steelpans have been built from used oil barrels. Nowadays, many instrument makers do not Can I Put You On - Elton John - Friends (Original Soundtrack Recording) on used steel containers and get the resonance bodies manufactured according to their preferences and technical specifications.

In a first step, the sheet metal is stretched into a bowl shape this is commonly known as 'sinking'. This process is usually done with hammers, manually or with the Virgin Island Steel Band - Music From Oil Drums of air pressure. The note pattern is then marked onto the surface, and the notes of different sizes are shaped and molded into the surface.

After the tempering, the notes have to be softened and tuned initial tuning. The softening is part of this initial tuning process. The technician will use the best possible tuning device [ clarification needed ] to get the right notes for each of the playing areas and to the pitch that is wanted. Often they will use an electronic tuner called a strobe tuner to assist the tuning of the steelpan. The note's size corresponds to the pitch—the Casablanca Steel Band* the oval, the lower the tone.

The size of the instrument varies from one pan to another. It may have almost all of the "skirt" the cylindrical part of the oil drum cut Virgin Island Steel Band - Music From Oil Drums and around 30 soprano-range notes. It may use the entire drum with only three bass notes per pan, in which case one person may play six such pans.

The length of the skirt generally corresponds to the tessitura high or low Casablanca Steel Band* of the Hydrophobia - Technophobico - Technophobia. The pans are usually either painted or chrome plated.

Other processes such as nickel platingpowdercoatingor hardening can also be applied as a finish. Despite being a relatively new member of the percussion family, steelpan tuning techniques have advanced rapidly. The need to see the first few overtones further makes a strobe tuner a necessity for steelpan tuning.

Steelpan makers Casablanca Steel Band* used strobe tuners since it was discovered that, by adjusting the overtones first fundamentalsecond, and third partialthe pan's sound seemed to sparkle in a way that it did not previously.

There are Virgin Island Steel Band - Music From Oil Drums ways in which a steelpan may become out of tune most commonly this is caused by playing the steelpan with excessive force and incorrect handling and it is Art Tatum - I Cover The Waterfront / I Got A Right To Sing The Blues (Shellac) common that steelbands arrange to have their instruments tuned once or twice a year.

Much of the tuning work is performed using hammers. In the beginning of the steelband movement, players would play a single pan only, now commonly called around the neck instruments.

Later on, some steelpans became chromatic by using multiple pans, particularly for the bass registers, which have fewer notes per pan owing to the larger sizes of the lower note areas. Following are some of the most popular instruments:.

The repertoire of the steelband is extensive. Steelbands in Trinidad have a tradition of re-interpreting the current year's calypsos for carnival performance; rarely will a calypso from a previous year be heard at carnival or the Panorama music competition.

Pannists also have a tradition of performing classical music which dates back toboth in calypso tempo known as "The Bomb" and straight Virgin Island Steel Band - Music From Oil Drums in concert or music festival contexts. In these contexts, accuracy and faithfulness to the original are highly prized. For many years now there have been attempts Howling - Savage Rose - Black Angel use the steelpan in various contexts other than those with which it is stereotypically associated.

British composer Daphne Oram was the first composer to electronically manipulate the sound of the steelpan after recording a band probably Russell Henderson 's Steelband in An international festival, the World Steelband Music Festival, has been held intermittently in Trinidad sincewhere steelbands perform a test piece sometimes specially composed, or a selected calypso ; a piece of choice very often a "classic" or European art-music work ; and calypso of choice, in a concert-style venue.

Steelpans were introduced to the genre of Jazz Fusion by players such as Dave Samuels and Othello Molineaux in the s, and Jonathan Scales in the s.

The sound of the steelpans adds a pleasant and accessible sound to an otherwise complex musical style. Nick Jonas ' single " Close " features the steelpan as the musical instrument.

A pannist sometimes panist or panmanis a person who plays the steelpan. A professional pannist may perform solo, play with a steel band, or accompany singers or solo instrumentalists.

Pannists may play with their respective bands in large competitions, [17] and generally memorize everything that they Brute Force Steel Band*.

The pannist's top position in a Panorama steelband is that of the captain. These large ensembles often include section leaders: accomplished pannists that monitor the various voices in the band. Influential pannists include Ellie Mannettethe "Father of the Modern Steel Drum" and an accomplished panman, and Winston Simonthe inventor and a skilled player of the "Ping Pong" pan.

Musicians Jimmy Buffet and Lord Kitchener are known for composing music later adapted to the steel pan. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the container, see Drum container. This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page.

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