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We Dont Talk Anymore - Mikael Erlandsson - The 1

Label: CMC Records - CMCD92005 • Format: CD Album • Country: Sweden • Genre: Rock • Style: AOR
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The new singer for Far Cry is ok,but Marks voice is really missed. Yeah Mark's got that powerhouse vocal thats not easy to replace but am looking forward to seeing Far Cry live ina few months with the new singer. Thanks for coming to the show. Im sorry to hear you dont enjoy Mike in the main vocal spot. I agree Mark will be missed. However, we all must move fwd. I can see how some may be hesitant as Mark and Mike have somewhat differant vocal styles.

With that said, Mike IS a monster singer in his own right and we promise he will sound great on the next album. Sometimes it takes some people a lil longer to warm up to change. I think Mark is a phenomenal singer, but I actually think I like Mike Ledesma a little better, and I think he fits right in with the band. I haven't seen them in person, however, so I'm just going on the videos I've seen.

Hi Pete! I recently went through their albums too. Loved them back in the day but i agree when they nail it they really nail it but when they don't they sound average. Agree with Geoff, love the band but their albums are littered with fillers. In fact I might even rate it on the way home tonight and report back tomorrow. They never really topped their debut, which is a shame as in my opinion the debut is good but not great. I've seen them live five times and they are better live than on their albums.

Much heavier band live. Firehouse - - I've seen lots of bad reviews of Full Circle but i loved it. It sounded like they enjoyed recording it which came through in the vibe of the tunes. Hold Your Fire - - Category 5 - - Prime Time - - O2 - - I would have to listen to them again, because it's been a serious minute, but I'm not sure anything past Hold Your Fire would score higher than Should I use your rating scale, of course.

There is definitely a slightly bummed out tinge to the whole conversation. I am a huge Firehouse fan and living in Winnipeg I have wholehearted appreciation for the love they show the midwest as that is a region close enough for me to take a road trip to see them.

I get where Snare is coming from, it is a major grind and a huge commitment to take off touring and leave your family back home when you aren't being compensated for it like a Bon Jovi or Def Leppard.

But that is the reality for almost every mid level act of any genre. Tens of thousands of bands wish they had the success and name recognition of Firehouse. I mean, I get the point he is trying to get across; that he, too, is making sacrifices to put on a show for the fans but there is a huge difference between him travelling to put on a show and a fan travelling to see that show.

He is being paid to do it. We, the Mas Que Nada - Sergio Mendes & Brasil 66* - Lo Mejor De Sergio Mendes & Brasil 66, are not.

In fact, when you meet someone who says they drove hours to see you play chances are they are paying a helluva lot more than the cost of a ticket and a souvenir t shirt to be there. Gas, food, accommodations, unpaid holiday leave, caregiver costs if they are leaving kids behind and often times airfare as well. All to see an artist whose music has touched them in a way that makes them go out of their way to see them perform live. At We Dont Talk Anymore - Mikael Erlandsson - The 1 end of the day, that doesn't pay the bills, I know, but there are an infinite number of things gnawing at our pay cheques as well so appreciate the fact that we are committing a tiny portion of our hard earned dollars to the Firehouse pay cheque.

Just saw Firehouse this past weekend so got the urge to comment on this On a side note, it was a fantastic show they put on and forgot how much I really liked those first couple albums they did CJ still sounds great.

Interesting read as I've been really wondering if Firehouse would consider hooking up with Frontiers for another album.

It seems We Dont Talk Anymore - Mikael Erlandsson - The 1 it would be a great fit and with the little revival this scene has seem to had lately, it would also seem to be a El Amor llegó Bajo La Lluvia (Love Came Down In The Rain) - Bhen Lanzaroni With The Bob Crewe Genera time for them to crank out a new album.

I think with some decent song writing and Frontier's input they could put together a pretty solid album. As someone that liked Firehouse myself, it annoys me a bit that these guys seem to have the time to do other projects like the Rubicon Cross thing which I believe has a second album in process from a recent CJ interview I've heard And also think Leverty has done a solo album.

CJ talks about there not being a big financial reward to doing albums anymore Then why bother with these smaller projects that I'm sure didn't make anywhere near the money that a new Firehouse release could. I get that Rubicon Cross is different than Firehouse and maybe allows himself to express different desires But a few of those songs could've been good Firehouse songs with some tweaking. And if We Dont Talk Anymore - Mikael Erlandsson - The 1 guys are so worried about putting their efforts where the money is, then concentrate on the band that has the name and pays the bills.

I'm not trying to bash CJ though. Frankly, I think this guy is probably one of the "nicest" guys in the business from all I've heard and seems like a total class act. And I'm sure what he's saying is probably true in terms of albums not making much money anymore and not having a big cost benefit. I just don't think I'd be happy "settling" to be a pure nostalgia act if it were me. One saying I like is "If you're not moving forward, your moving backward". At the very least one would think they could do a new single or something.

It isn't that tough to record something like that these days. Frankly, I'm Fun, Fun, Fun - Various - The Heart & Soul Of Rock N Roll sure I'll go see them again in concert.

I mean, it's obvious all they want to do is show up, play the same songs and collect a paycheck. I've already seen their show now and no point really going again if I'm going to see the same thing I've already seen. Along with Firehouse I also have to add I saw Warrant.

I have to say I really enjoyed them with Robert Mason. They played a great set of old and new songs and I thought they did the old songs just fine. I give them a lot of credit for sticking it out and putting out this new album that really is pretty decent IMO.

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All Activity Home The Music! Reply to this topic Start new topic. Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2. Recommended Posts. Report post. Posted August 13, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted August 14, Posted August 15, They've been We Dont Talk Anymore - Mikael Erlandsson - The 1 to have had two fantastic singers.

They could We Dont Talk Anymore - Mikael Erlandsson - The 1 to get a new Slick - Various - Festival Of Todays Hits, De Honderd Hedendaagse Top-Songs guitarist, though Posted May We Dont Talk Anymore - Mikael Erlandsson - The 1 , Really surprising discography to really sit down and rate.

I always thought 'Category 5' and 'Prime Time' were pretty good albums, but aside from a handful about 5 really great songs on 'Category 5,' the rest is basically shit. And aside from the brilliant 'Perfect Lie' on 'Prime time,' that album is pretty shit too. Even their best albums didn't rate as highly as I thought due to several weaker songs. Anyway, when they were good they were good My track picks are: 1. Firehouse — All Deus Também Anda De Comboio - Samuel Úria - O Caminho Ferroviário Estreito Wrote — Firehouse — 2.

Firehouse — Perfect Lie — Prime Time — 7. Posted May 14,


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  1. Line Dance If We Dont Get Tomorrow, Line Dance Six Ribbons, choreography by Micaela Svensson Erlandsson Swe November to Six Ribbons by Jon English. Line Dance Blah Blah Blah Blah, choreography by Claire Cherry AUS October to Small Talk Katy Perry Approx mins.
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  3. Jun 30,  · Mikael Erlandsson is a singer, songwriter and keyboardist born in Gothenburg, Sweden. He recorded four solo albums which has also been released in Japan and the Far East. He recorded four solo albums which has also been released in Japan and the Far East/10(5).
  4. lirik lagu we don’t talk anymore – mikael erlandsson: remember last year how we used to go out the smile on your face and that spark in your eyes time flew away and we really thought we had it all we took a flight to paris and then a train to the south we didn’t care if it rained or if we .
  5. They sound like Last Autumn's Dream. Much of this observation comes from two things. It's the combination of Mikkel Bryde's raspy, yet melodic voice, where he sounds like LAD's Mikael Erlandsson, and Raspberry's classic European AOR melodic hard rock sound. Honestly, Bryde and Erlandsson could have been brothers separated at birth.
  6. Jun 13,  · Im sorry to hear you dont enjoy Mike in the main vocal spot. I agree Mark will be missed. However, we all must move fwd. I can see how some may be hesitant as Mark and Mike have somewhat differant vocal styles. With that said, Mike IS a monster singer in his own right and we promise he will sound great on the next album.

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