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Qua Cau Gio Bay - Tran Van Khé*, Mai Thu Et Mme Mong Trung* - Musique Du Viet-Nam

Download Qua Cau Gio Bay - Tran Van Khé*, Mai Thu Et Mme Mong Trung* - Musique Du Viet-Nam

To pass; past; gone; transgression. Dausthalva S. Surpassing evil; extremely evil. Passed, past. The pride which among equals regards self as superior and among superiors as equal; one of the seven arrogances. Fault, error, mistake. Phala S. Retribution for good or evil deeds, implying that different conditions in this or any life are the variant ripenings, or fruit, of seed sown in previous life or lives. The four forms of retribution - birth, age, sickness, death.

Retribution, reward. Fruition perfect, the perfect virtue or merit of Buddha enlightenment. Attainment-name, or reward-name or title, i. The wisdom attained from investigating and thinking about philosophy, or Buddha-truth, i. The stage of attainment of the goal of any disciplinary course. In the Buddha-realm, i. The ocean of bodhi or enlightenment. To cut off the fruit, or results, of former karma.

The arhat who has a "remnants of karma" though he has cut off the seed of misery, has not yet cut off its fruits. The full or complete fruition of merit; perfect reward. Those who have obtained the fruit, i. Buddha, Pratyeka-Buddha, Arhat. Fruition of the Buddha-enlightenment, its perfection, one of the five forms of the Buddha-nature.

The reward, e. Retribution-bond; the bitter fruit or transmigration binds the individual so that he cannot attain release. Cutting off the ties of retribution, i. The fruit of fruit, i. The fruit of the fruit of Buddhahood, i. In the stage when the individual receives the consequences of deeds done. The stage of attainment, or reward as contrasted with the cause-stage, i.

Fruit complete, i. To look into, study, examine, contemplate; contemplation, insight; a study, a Taoist monastery; to consider illusion and discern illusion, or discern the seeming from the real; to contemplate and mentally enter into truth.

Potalaka S. Heavenly palace of Avalokiteshvara. To be enlightened as the result of insight, or intelligent contemplation. Abhiseka S.

Contemplation and accordant action; method of contemplating. Mindfulness on the in-and-out breathing. To contemplate ultimate reality and unravel or expound it. To regard all things as unreal, or as having no fundamental reality. Contemplation or meditation as one Rita Pavone - Tu Ladra the two methods of entry into truth, i. To penetrate the concept of Nidanic causation. To look into and think over, contemplate and ponder.

Methods of contemplation, or obtaining of insight into truth. To contemplate, or meditate upon Buddha. Prvicaya S. Contemplation of the mind, mental contemplation, contemplation of all things as mind. To be penetrated with the concept of the essential impurity of self. Concentration on investigation. Meditation having as object a corpse in decomposition. Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva S. Regarder of the world's sounds, or cries, the so called Goddess of Mercy. Originally represented as a male, The Beatles - A Hard Days Night images are now generally those of a female figure.

The sakti, or female energy of the masculine Qua Cau Gio Bay - Tran Van Khé*. Contemplation and meditation, to sit in abstract trance. Contemplating the tree of knowledge as Sakyamuni is said to have done after his enlightenment. Wisdom obtained from contemplation. The wisdom which penetrates to ultimate reality. To meditate and think. Meditation, mental development.

To penetrate the concept of unreality of self. Light, brightness, splendour; to illuminate. Light-sound heavens. The heavens Mai Thu Et Mme Mong Trung* - Musique Du Viet-Nam utmost light and purity. The honoured one descends, i. Quang minh. The halo. Name of a Bodhisattva. Vipula S. Broad, wide, extensive, spacious; extended, enlarged, expanded. Wide and spacious, extensively read, very learned. The one whose body fills space, Vairocana.

Broad and great. The vast wisdom of Buddha beyond measure. Brhatphala S. Vast wisdom, an epithet of a Buddha, one able to transform all beings. Kunda S. Nectar jug. A flock of sheep, herd, multitude, the flock, crowd, all.

All classes of living beings, especially the sentient. Bahu-jana S. All the shoots, sprouts, or immature things, i. A mass of people. All the deluded; all delusions. All the living, especially all living, conscious beings. Return to, give oneself 17 Days Beside You - 2ways4speakers - Honest & Liars to; Qua Cau Gio Bay - Tran Van Khé* oneself to, surrender. To revert to type; to trace sth to its origin.

To return to the right path. To turn to in reverence, put one's trust to and worship. Namas, namah, namo S. To devote one's life to the Buddha, etc ; to entrust one's life, to obey Buddha's teaching.

Veneration, homage. Direct instruction to return to one's origin. To turn to in expectancy or adoration, put trust in.

To turn to and enter, e. To unify. To become converted Вдова (Л. Абрамовой) - Вероника Долина - Мой Дом Летает Buddhism. To turn one's heart toward. To turn from the world phenomena to that of eternal reality, to devote oneself to the spiritual Mai Thu Et Mme Mong Trung* - Musique Du Viet-Nam than the material.

Of Bonze to die, to pass away.


Celebration - The Vision Mastermixers - Disco Mixes, Κλάψε Σήμερα Καρδιά Μου = Today My Heart Is Mourning - Ντόκτωρ Βασίλης Τσιτσάνης* = Dr Vassilis Tsit, Be - Various - Sampler 002, Saterdag - Lasse Passage - Stop Making Sense And Start Making Success, Vol. 2


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  2. Quá. To pass; past; gone; transgression. error. Quá ác. Dausthalva (S). Surpassing evil; extremely evil. Quá khứ. Passed, past. Quá khứ thất Phật.
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