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New Land - Hjörtur Blöndal - Disco

Label: Around The Corner Records - ATC200702 • Format: CDr Album • Country: Denmark • Genre: Pop •
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Liwela - Various - Zaire 74 The African Artists tracks include a lot of the above elements mixed together; others like I Amare more straightforward pop songs. Straightforward needn't mean dull though, I Am is a really well-crafted song with a very strong tune.

Instead this is genuinely inventive, creative music by an artist who seems very much to be doing his own thing without direct influences from whatever music is flavour of the month right now.

In a time when so much music is an obvious rehash of what has gone before, it is refershing to hear music which seems only to come from within the musician's mind. Contact Eine Gosch’n Wie Ein Schwert - Gerhard Bronner - Das Gerhard Bronner Song Book hjortur. The first five tracks date from just before their LP, and the remainder are from the original lineup and recorded while they were still at school.

As explained in the sleeve notes, some of these early tracks are of poor sound quality and this has only been issued due to popular demand. They recommend that anyone new to Dark should listen to their LP before New Land - Hjörtur Blöndal - Disco to this. I'm new to Dark so this probably isn't the best place to start, but the first few tracks here are of ok quality so this isn't completely a 'fans only' release.

Dark were a rock band with some heavy bits and meandering psychedelic soloing, but an overall emphasis on melody. Whilst the second part of the CD contains material that is quite lo-fi, I've heard worse sound quality than most of these tracks.

However Grey Man has a very muddy sound and the sound drops out in places. This particular track would definitely benefit from better recording quality, though it does give you an idea of what the song sounds like.

Cloud of Unknowing is also very poor quality, bordering on unlistenable; the vocals are incomprehensible due to unintentional distortion. Also at 15 minutes plus, this track is overlong for my tastes. But ignoring these two tracks, this CD shows Dark were a pretty good melodic psych-rock band and a particularly good one considering they were only teenagers when they recorded this stuff. Contact Will at Kissing Spell - will willmccarthy.

He also explores a number of other styles, with equal sophistication and talent. If You're Ever Around is like 80s alternative pop, but with a difference, due to its additional meandering psych-rock guitar soloing.

Time Leadin' Us On mixes together the music of various folk traditions, from the bluesy harmonica to the African-style percussion. To My Whimsical Love is sunshine pop with brass.

Liliane is a classy pop song, a bit 60s, and with brass and woodwind. Sometimes Words blends folk, pop, bass clarinet, spacey guitar soloing and distinctive percussion. Plateau Weather Change begins with the sounds of a thunderstorm, and the song itself mixes American folk, world beat and quirky pop. Woman of Desire mixes rock, jazz, hiphop beats and even adds a tuba to all this. Chorus For Eurydice is a poem, with no musical accompaniment.

Empty House is an atmospheric song, very well crafted, and impossible to describe in terms of genre. A more famous name he is sometimes reminiscent of is Paul Simon. Whilst most stuff here is sophisticated, The Essential Love Song comes across like a comedy song, with Perhaps - The Mr. T Experience - Alcatraz voices over minimal strummed guitar. Whilst it has novelty value, it's definitely not representative of Campbell's music.

Elsewhere though, it is clear that Brian Campbell is a talented songwriter with an individualistic and creative approach. Contact beedeecee sympatico. First I must comment on the artwork, which strikes several chords with me, being a purplish colour, with a font that looks like 19th Century handwriting, The Earth Dies Screaming = La Tierra Se Muere Gritando - UB40 - The Earth Dies Screaming = La Tierra is emblazoned with Icelandic magical symbols!

It would be a big mistake to expect them to sound like her former band though; Bellatrix were noisepop with synths and fairly teenage lyrical concerns, whilst Skandinavia are an intense, powerful rock band with a whole new musical and lyrical maturity. The intensity and power are present in Eliza's voice and the musicianship of the rest of the band; it really is awe-inspiring music. There are elements of 70s heavy rock and 第1楽章 Stormy Night - 聖飢魔II* - 1999 Black List [本家極悪集大成盤] indierock here, but presented in a way that is entirely their own.

You really New Land - Hjörtur Blöndal - Disco accuse this band of being derivative. I doubt there are many rock bands who incorporate an atmospheric violin into their sound, or seamlessly shift from singing in English to Icelandic.

These are very beautiful songs, yet are still in their own way very powerful. And unlike many other heavy bands, Skandinavia have no shortage of strong tunes. This is a truly astonishing album; I think I can safely say that Skandinavia are my favourite band right now. Also out now is the Never Too Late single; the title track also appears on the album but even if you have the album, the single is still well worth getting for its B-side Storm.

This is more overtly 70s-ish than their usual sound, but is no less impressive. I can't recommend this band enough! Contact the label at globalwarming btclick. There are a variety of sounds on offer here, all held together by the dark atmospheres they have.

Tracks include the atmospheric Middle Eastern tinged instrumental Glowthe atmospheric and rhythmic goth track Tarnishedthe beautiful dark and ethereal song Your Love Is Sweeter Than Winethe apocalyptic folk of Indefinable, YetScarecrow which mixes apocalyptic folk with almost psychedelic atmospheric guitar and keyboard and distinctive drumming, As Tears Go By - Marianne Faithfull - Live In Hollywood (DVD) Swan!

So it's a goth thing, or at least music that appeals to goths, but they usually avoid the obvious stereotypes. The closest they get to something obviously goth is in the lyrics of The Gravediggers and the male singer's vocal style. Those of you who think goths are too serious for their own good may be pleasantly surprised to know that Black Tape are able to laugh at the whole goth stereotype.

Knock Three Times has tongue in cheek lyrics like "Knock three times on your coffin if you want my love" New Land - Hjörtur Blöndal - Disco "She was New Land - Hjörtur Blöndal - Disco cute Battiato* - Centro Di Gravità a 'why don't you get out and see the sun' kind of way", and rhythms that sound like rattling bones. Their sound is atmospheric and reverb-drenched yet strongly melodic dreampop with female vocals.

The singer's voice is distinctive, sometimes I think it sounds almost childlike, yet it also has strength Little Lou - John Ashley - Born To Rock it. They also add a spacey psych-rock touch to the guitar solos in Fractured and Deserted and Desolateand the melancholic The Sadness of Years Past features a style of guitar playing that seems Mediterranean influenced. Over The Ocean begins with the soothing sound of the sea, which adds to the overall atmospheric feel of the track and indeed the whole album.

I'd agree with that, whilst also adding My Bloody Valentine and late-period Secret Shine to the list. This album is quite simply sublime. It doesn't have the darkness of many Projekt releases, but certainly has the beauty. Highly recommended.

Contact question projekt. The CD New Land - Hjörtur Blöndal - Disco in a textured cardboard sleeve which is quite simply a work of art in itself, and is accompanied by a 44 page book with equally impressive presentation.

The CD is a diverse compilation, highlighting the various musical traditions in the country there is not just one style of Finnish folk music as well as bands who incorporate influences from overseas into their sound. Snekka do excellent, powerful instrumental folkrock, this band are new to me and I'd definitely like to hear more from them. Marianne Maans plays a kind of experimental folk, combining voice and violin with a forward thinking approach.

I'm reminded occasionally of neoclassical music in the violin playing, and the voice is a series of wordless vocalisations; the vocals are used more like another instrument. This track is a modern composition not a traditional song, and puts me in mind at times of Hungarian music and sometimes of something more Mediterranean sounding.

Johanna Juhola has an accordion piece with effective use of glockenspiel in the background. This is a type of shamanistic chanting. Wimme combines the yoik with ambient and techno music, a mixture which works well. Markku Peltola's instrumental piece is like old-time dance music melody-wise, but the arrangement is far from old-time, having as it does a quirky modern approach. Plektronite have a great catchy mandolin tune. Frigg are a part Finnish, part Norwegian band who are of course named after the Norse goddess of the same name, who is the wife of Odin and is usually defined as goddess of marriage and motherhood.

Other members of this family play in the well known fiddle ensemble JPP. Frigg combine elements of the Finnish and Norwegian fiddle traditions with elements of American folk music.

I have their self-titled album but was completely unaware that they had a new one out. This compilation has alerted me to that - looks like I have some serious catching up to do! Alamaailman Varasat are a genre-hopping world-fusion band whose New Land - Hjörtur Blöndal - Disco here is like Turkish music played on horns and metally guitars.

Bizarre stuff, and another band I'm keen to hear more from. Meri Tiitola combines a traditional folk song with very creative experimental music. A very impressive piece. An excellent compilation that does a great job of showing what creative, forward looking people can do with folk music. Folk needn't be a genre that stands still, and this compilation proves that.

The only downside is that this package is only available for promotional purposes and is not for sale to the general public. However, you can find out more about Finnish music at www. With this album they have moved further and further away from their noise roots they were originally on Blast First and sounded typical of that label.

Whilst Autumn Masochism is not an entirely noise-free album, the overall emphasis is on off-centre lo-fi pop songs - though not quite as off-centre as their earlier blatantly quirky material like Nag, Steady Cam Man or Girly Magazine.

If you disliked Mother Goose in the past, for being too noisy or too weird, this album might just make you change your mind about the band. Whilst it's amongst their more accessible material, they have not reinvented themselves as a straightforward pop band; there is still an edge to this stuff, and a sense of originality.

Mother Goose just wouldn't be Mother Goose otherwise. Affection begins as pop, then takes a detour into non-irritating noise territory with an extended noisemaking session at the end. Despite its length and its loudness, it doesn't grate - perhaps because New Land - Hjörtur Blöndal - Disco is still a semblance of a tune in there. Autumn Masochism lasts for a New Land - Hjörtur Blöndal - Disco 13 minutes and 15 seconds. It's a bizarre, dark pop song which then turns into improvisational experimental noise, then there's a bit of piano, then some more off-kilter pop with dark undertones.

Any other A Thomas - EP (File) would sound like they're just making noise for noise's sake if they did the improvisational section from this song, but Mother Goose are somehow able to get away with it. Cirkus and My Car are great quirk-pop that's utterly bizarre yet never becomes annoyingly wacky. An absolutely brilliant album, highly recommended. Contact janne verdurarecords. The New Land - Hjörtur Blöndal - Disco of Future Whirl shares some qualities with Bard's previous band, but has a less obviously dark sound.

The music is not easy to categorise, even though it is song-based and melodic.


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