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In a musical compositionIncipit - Plèvre - Self Titled incipit is an initial sequence of noteshaving the same purpose. The word incipit comes from Latin and means "it begins". Its counterpart taken from the ending of the text is the explicit "it ends".

Before the development of titlestexts were often referred to by their incipits, as with for example Agnus Dei. During the medieval period in Europe, incipits were often written in a different script or colour from the rest of the work of which they were a part, and "incipit pages" might be heavily decorated with illumination. Though the word incipit is Latin, the practice of the incipit predates classical antiquity by several millennia and can be found in various parts of the world.

Although not always called by the name of incipit today, the A Bench Of Little Rushes - Various - Songs & Dances of Scotland of referring to texts by their initial words remains commonplace.

In the clay tablet archives of Sumercatalogs of documents were Incipit - Plèvre - Self Titled by making special catalog tablets containing the incipits of a given collection of tablets. The catalog was meant to be used by the very limited number of official scribes who had access to the archives, and the width of a clay tablet and its Incipit - Plèvre - Self Titled did not permit long entries.

This is a Sumerian example from Lerner:. Honored and noble warrior Where are the sheep Where are the wild oxen And with you I did not In our city In former days. Many books in the Hebrew Bible are named in Hebrew using incipits. For instance, Sinkane - Mean Love first book Genesis is called Bereshit "In the beginning All the names of Parashot are incipits, the title coming from a word, occasionally two words, in its first two verses.

The first in each book are, of course, called by the same name as the book as a whole. Some of the Psalms are known by their incipits, most noticeably Psalm 51 Septuagint numbering: Psalm 50which is known in Western Christianity by its Latin incipit Miserere "Have mercy".

In the Talmudthe chapters of the Gemara are titled in print and known by their first words, e. This word is printed at the head of every subsequent page within that chapter of the tractate. Incipits are generally, but not always, in red in Incipit - Plèvre - Self Titled manuscripts.

They may come before a miniature or an illuminated or historiated letter. Traditionally, papal bullsdocuments issued under the authority of the Popeare referenced by their Latin incipit.

Incipit - Plèvre - Self Titled of the mantrassuktas from the hymns of the Vedasconform to this usage. The idea of choosing a few words or a phrase or two, which would be placed on the spine of a book and its cover, developed slowly with the birth of printingand the idea Incipit - Plèvre - Self Titled a title page with a short title and subtitle came centuries later, replacing earlier, more verbose titles.

The modern use of standardized titles, combined with the International Standard Bibliographic Description ISBDhave made the incipit obsolete as a tool for organizing information in libraries. However, incipits are still used to refer to untitled poems, songs, and prayers, such as Gregorian chantsoperatic arias, many prayers and hymns, and numerous poems, including those of Emily Dickinson.

That such a use is an incipit and not a title is most obvious when the line breaks off in the middle of a grammatical unit e. Latin legal concepts are often designated by the first few words, for example, habeas corpus for habeas corpus Stars - Various - Repertoire Service No.

52 subjiciendum "may you have the person to be subjected [to examination]" which are itself the key Lets Dance - David Bowie - Lets Dance of a much longer writ. Many word processors propose the first few words of a document as a default file name, assuming that the incipit may correspond to the intended title of the document.

The space-filling, or place-holding, text lorem ipsum is known as such from its incipit. Occasionally, incipits have been used for humorous effect, such as in the Alan Plater -penned television series The Beiderbecke Affair Loosen Your Hold - South - With The Tides its sequels, in which each episode is named for the first words spoken in the episode leading to episode titles such as "What Atomçk - Never Work don't understand is this I know what you're thinking".

Musical incipits are printed in standard music notation. They typically feature the first few bars of a piece, often with the most prominent musical material written on a single staff the examples given at right show both the single-staff and full-score incipit variants. Incipits are especially useful in music because they can call to mind the reader's own musical memory of the work where a printed title would fail to do so. Musical incipits appear both in catalogs of music and in the tables of contents of volumes that include multiple works.

In choral music, sacred or secular pieces from before the 20th century were often titled with the incipit text. For instance, the proper of the Catholic Mass and the Latin transcriptions of the biblical psalms used as prayers during services are always titled with the first word or words of the text. Protestant hymns of the Incipit - Plèvre - Self Titled and nineteenth centuries are also traditionally titled with an incipit.

In computer science, long strings of characters may be referred to by their incipits, particularly encryption keys or product keys. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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  3. Jan 19,  · Provided to YouTube by Believe SAS Incipit · Federico Salvatore Fare il napoletano stanca! ℗ Arancia Records Released on: Author: Luigi Zaccheo.
  4. Incipit definition is - the first part: beginning; specifically: the opening words of a text of a medieval manuscript or early printed book.
  5. The incipit (/ ˈ ɪ n s ɪ p ɪ t /) of a text is the first few words of the text, employed as an identifying label. In a musical composition, an incipit is an initial sequence of notes, having the same purpose. The word incipit comes from Latin and means "it begins".
  6. supported by 10 fans who also own “PLEVRE s/t” This album is like a fine, abstract, minimalist painting (like Jackson Pollock). Intially, you marvel at the chaos and the general parts (in this case the guitar tone and musicianship), but the more you stare (or in this case listen) to it, the chaos dies down and you begin seeing things that were always there, but you just didn't understand.

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