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Cruise Control - 32 Ynches Tets* - Zodiac

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Experience in a Book Cruise Control. PRE VS. On early XJ-S's there was a dedicated sending unit near the input flange on the differential unit. Later XJ-S's split a signal from the speedometer transducer on the transmission. On still later models, reportedly the transducer is built into the differential unit itself. The signal is processed by the cruise control electronic speed control unit. Within the bellows assembly are two solenoids, one which normally cruise control off vents the bellows to atmosphere and the other which normally seals off the vacuum line from the intake manifold.

The vent is sealed and the vacuum line is opened, and the resulting vacuum within the bellows pulls the cable, applying throttle. The speed control unit modulates the ground connection of the vacuum solenoid to apply the proper vacuum to maintain a constant speed.

As the result of a recall, there is yet another back-up device installed in the vacuum line to the bellows unit. This device is designed to seal the vacuum line and vent the bellows unit in addition to the solenoids. If adjusted incorrectly, it will maintain either a higher or lower speed. Hence, the test procedure is drive the car on a straight and level road and press the set switch, allow the speed to settle about ten seconds, and press it again.

If adjusted properly, it can be set over and over and still maintain the same speed. If incorrectly, the repeated sets will result in gradually higher or lower speeds.

If adjusted incorrectly, adjust the speed control unit until correct; it is a simple matter to have the speed control unit hanging under the dash it is located above the passenger side footwell and the necessary tools Cruise Control - 32 Ynches Tets* - Zodiac for the test drive, and possibly even an assistant driving.

Although the repair manual describes a method of adjusting the cruise control, some of these units have no obvious adjustments. If you pry the box open, however, there are two adjustable pots on the circuit board.

The one to adjust is the one in the corner, farthest from where the Lady Valentine - Monte Kristo - Lady Valentine enter the box. NOTE: The adjuster is very sensitive; it is difficult to move it a small enough increment. Each solenoid should register ohms. You should hear a click. You should hear another click. This verifies that both solenoids are moving. You should be able to move the bellows.

If you can't seem to suck anything, the vacuum solenoid isn't opening or the hose is kinked or plugged. If you seem to suck air easily without accomplishing Cruise Control - 32 Ynches Tets* - Zodiac , either the vent solenoid isn't closing or the assembly is leaking.

The following comments apply to the older cruise control actuators that had a bellows that looked like a bellows, and a flat metal disk that the cable attached to. Newer cars use a different actuator, and some even attach directly to the bellcrank -- a no-no with the older throttle cable design. This cruise control actuator can be disassembled easily. Remove one bolt at the front end and disconnect the throttle cable from the disk at the rear end don't lose the little cable attachment thingy!

Then peel the bellows away from the disk the cable attaches to, and away from the solenoid housing the same Hate - Skankin Pickle - Sing Along With Skankin’ Pickle. These units seem to have several common failure modes.

The first and most obvious is that the bellows leaks around the edges where it snaps over the metal disks; even a small leak is enough to render the system totally inoperative. If this problem is suspected, it is a fairly simple matter Improvisation 102f - Henry Kaiser, Andrea Centazzo, Toshinori Kondo - Protocol peel the bellows off at both ends, apply some silicone sealant, and reassemble.

Another common problem is the bellows itself develops a tear or leak. You can easily check if the rest of the system is operational by patching the leaks, using a bicycle Whiggy Whiggle - Whigfield - Whigfield II patch kit, tape, or whatever.

It may not last, but it will tell you if the rest of the system is OK. It has been suggested that using Son Of A Gun or some similar substance on the bellows may help protect the rubber from aging. Gregory Andrachuk describes repairing another failure mode, sticky solenoids: after taking the bellows off, "I simply lubricated them liberally with Liquid Wrench like WD40, but has Teflon. The cruise functioned perfectly Yet another common failure is that the tiny rubber seats on the solenoid plungers fall off, and the solenoids no longer seal the ports.

To repair this failure, merely glue the rubber seat back on the end of the plunger. After removing the bellows, the solenoids can be removed by prying them out of the housing to get at the plunger.

If you've lost or damaged the rubber seat, use a hole punch on a bicycle inner tube to make a new one. Make sure the sealing surface is flat and smooth before reassembly. It must be pointed out that a failure of a cruise control could be dangerous, although that would typically require the two openings to atmosphere to fail closed and the opening to vacuum to fail open -- highly unlikely. You should make repairs carefully, using a very reliable glue such as JB Weld to hold the rubber seat on the rod.

Use of unreliable glue such as cyanoacrylate superglue is not recommended. I bought one for a couple of bucks and we fitted it in about ten minutes, the only modification needed was to gently pry out the round end on the bellows side to fit the wider diameter of the new barrel connector. We also wrapped some safety wire around it so that if the cable slips out again, the connector won't fall out.

This section seems to be corrupted -- Vaughan If you pry the box open, however, there are two adjustable pots on the circuit board. You may find better prices if you shop around, though; Randy Wilson says "Those of us not locked in to the Jag parts distributing system, i. They still aren't cheap, as they come through a different British car parts network RR!

The speed control unit is located just under the fuse panel above the passenger footwell. It has two electrical connectors, a nine pin connector and a single pin connector. Pull the connectors apart and perform the following checks on the wires going out to the car, not to those going into the speed control unit. Make sure that the bellows unit three wire connector is connected properly if it was disturbed by previous testing. The other meter probe will be used on the pin connectors.

Unless stated, all measurements are made with the ignition off. The same switch serves to allow the kickdown solenoid in the GM transmission to be activated only when the selector is in D. As a result, when the selector is not in drive, the wire is not truly grounded; it is routed through the kickdown solenoid in the transmission to ground, which is effectively grounded as far as the sensitive speed control unit is concerned.

With the selector in D, it becomes open; check that it measures infinite ohms. If the console is opened, the physical operation of this switch can be observed.

These type microswitches, complete with the rollers, are available at electronic shops. It normally reads as open infinite ohms but should indicate zero ohms while the set switch is pushed. See below. It should read the ohms of the vent Who Can Say That - Archie Brown And The Young Bucks - Bring Me The Head Of Jerry Garcia. When the brake pedal is pressed, it should read open.

This switch is located on the brake pedal housing within the engine Boonside (Radio Mix) - Boondocks - Boonside, right next to the driver's side bonnet latch. It is threaded into the housing with a locknut. Cruise Control - 32 Ynches Tets* - Zodiac locknut can be loosened and the switch screwed in or out until it works properly.

It should read ohms; this is because both solenoid coils are in series to ground referenced to this wire. It is connected to the master control switch. Turn the ignition on, select a suitable voltage scale on the VOM, and check that Cruise Control - 32 Ynches Tets* - Zodiac wire reads 12 volts with the switch in the ON position center and zero volts with the switch in the OFF position.

Normally, this wire should read zero volts; when the ignition is on and the brake pedal is pressed, it should read 12 volts. Pulses from this wire signal the cars' speed to the speed control unit. This pulse signal also works the speedometer, so if the speedometer is working it is likely that the pulse is also getting to the speed control unit. However, the presence of the pulse at this connector can be checked. Connect a voltmeter to chassis ground and the connector pin.

Drive the car, and even at very low speed the signal will measure around 4 volts AC. And the voltage does not increase with speed. This wire has a nasty tendency to break off right where it attaches to the stalk, rendering the entire cruise control system inoperative. Any scheme Dissident - Pearl Jam - Vs. will provide a ground wire connection to the stem of the stalk itself will fix it. The broken wire can be spliced, or a new wire can be clamped onto the stalk just inside the column housing.

The tester shown Cruise Control - 32 Ynches Tets* - Zodiac Figure 23 is simple to make, requiring only two flashlight bulbs, two resistors and some wire. It is also used for the bench test of the speed control unit. Disconnect the connector from the bellows unit and connect the three wires from this tester to their respective colors on the wiring harness not to the bellows unit.

The bulbs and resistors take the place of the two bellows solenoids so that we can observe the operation of the speed control unit. Route this assembly out from under the hood and use a windshield wiper to hold it against the windshield so you can observe Cruise Control - 32 Ynches Tets* - Zodiac bulbs while driving. Next go for a drive. At about mph push the "set" cruise button. The bulb on the left 33 ohm should light but rather dimly and stay lit.

This bulb is taking the place of the yellow-white solenoid that closes the bellows to the atmosphere. Cruise Control - 32 Ynches Tets* - Zodiac right bulb should light but flicker, and, Cruise Control - 32 Ynches Tets* - Zodiac you slow down the bulb will light brighter, and as you speed up it will grow dimmer. This bulb is taking the place of the yellow-black solenoid that controls the vacuum from the engine.

If this test fails then the speed control unit is possibly at fault. Essentially, what we do is connect up the speed control unit with power and grounds as it would be in the car, then feed it a pulse generation to simulate speed and observe its operation with the above two-bulb tester.

Thus, to perform this bench test you will need:.


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  1. CRUISE CONTROL RELOCATION: To get that bellows assembly to last longer, it would probably be a good idea to relocate it somewhere else.(This section seems to be corrupted -- Vaughan) If you pry the box open, however, there are two adjustable pots on the circuit board. The one to adjust is the one in the corner, farthest from where the wires.
  2. Jun 08,  · Ultra Classic cruise control does not turn on. I have a Ultra I have a Ultra Classic and the cruise control does not turn on with the handlebar SET switch. Show More. Show Less. Ask Your Own Motorcycle Question. Share this conversation. Answered in 16 minutes by: 6/8//5(K).
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  4. Mar 08,  · Well all of a sudden when I push my cruise control button in the light won't come on and I have no cruise control. I checked all the blade fuses under the hood and in the truck (yes every single one) and my brake lights with no issues.
  5. Mitsubishi Cruise Control Troubleshooting. Has the cruise control on your Mitsubishi quit working? Do you need to know how to remove the cruise control switch? Because the cruise control system interacts with other vehicle systems and functions, diagnosing problems is often very difficult. When these problems are beyond your mechanical.
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